The boom of home automation in Spain and its multiple applications.

The boom of home automation in Spain and its multiple applications.

Although they are increasingly popular, many may not be familiar with what has been known as "home automation" for years. These are homes that have advanced systems that automate various household installations, carrying out daily operations, often simple.

That is, they integrate and apply modern and communicative technology to housing, providing security and energy management services. This usually includes the use of electricity, mobile telephony, the internet, home protection from secret keys or access by card, thermostat air conditioning, among many other applications that may benefit us.

According to the commercial manager of Domotic ID, David Alvira, most of the operations carried out by home automation are ordered from the same system, whether they are apps or special buttons, and in more advanced cases with voice recognition. David Batlle, Domoticus domotic systems integrator, says that although years ago it was not possible, now connect all the elements without wiring wirelessly is the norm.

After the recent crisis of 2013, it seems that home automation is increasingly demanded by the Spanish. According to the studies of the Spanish Association of Domotics and Inmotics (CEDOM) shared by El País, in 2013 the turnover of the manufacturers fell to 37.8 million euros, and from the coming years has risen considerably.
Such is the case in 2016, when billing reached 50.5 million euros, 12% more than in 2015. Enrique Barrera, CEO at VenDomótica, points out that even though they have not reached figures higher than those achieved before the crisis , feels optimistic about the continuous growth.

In addition, he says that the promotion of home automation in Spain is increasingly higher, which has helped the sector a lot; However, he thinks that the support is insufficient on the part of the Public Administrations, which he accuses of having "a huge ignorance of these technologies".
Companies specializing in the construction of this type of housing open their doors to more and more trained engineers, which has generated employment growth in the area. Recall that during the boom in the real estate market during the crisis there were low quality buildings, as the companies dismissed many workers and began to buy cheap material to lower costs, all with the desperate goal of not joining that stack of companies that They had to close their doors.

To give us an idea of how far the intelligence of home automation, only need to note that they also have the ability to warn the owner of a mishap in the home: a badly closed tap, fire, presence of intruders, leaks gas, among others.
Who knows if at some point we will live on a planet close to the approach of the writer William Gibson, who created a world in which his character Angela was talking to his own house in the cyberpunk novel Mona Lisa Overdrive ... Although the operations that domotic houses can carry out clearly impress, a future like that still looks very far away.

To conclude, we consider it essential to mention that CEDOM, formed in 1992, offers detailed information on the regulations related to this type of housing. Consult this source is very important if you are thinking of making a home automation in the future. Of course, we clarify that they can be expensive, although the most basic range between 2,500 and 5,000 euros.

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