Real Estate Services in Calonge, Sant Antoni, and Palamós: Sales, Rentals, and Management

Easy Brava helps you sell your real estate properties

Anyone with a mobile phone and a bit of time can post a property on the Internet. But is that enough to get the sale at the best price? The answer is emphatically no!

Selling a property is based on three pillars that we call the 3Ps: Pricing, Preparation and Promotion.

Here's what they mean.

I want to sell my house
Our mission

The price that the market is willing to offer for a property at any given time depends on many factors. Supply and demand, interest rates, economic prospects, the state of repair, the location of the property, past sales, the likely development of the area and much more.

Determining the best price involves an analysis of all these factors and an extensive knowledge of the state of supply and transactions in the area. The price is never a fixed amount, a price range is determined in which we will move proactively to maximise our client's benefit.


The purchase of a home is a highly emotional process, and the decision to buy is made in the first 20 seconds of the visit. In order for the future buyer of your property to fall in love at first sight, we must take care of all the details to create an unbeatable experience. We will advise you on the appropriate investments to obtain a better selling price and we will provide you with home staging advice to create a pleasant environment that will help to convey a sense of wellbeing.

Once the property is ready, visual material needs to be developed to attract prospective buyers. We always employ a professional photographer to ensure that the marketing of your property is of the highest quality. We also take a virtual tour, videos for social media and aerial photos and videos with a drone.


More than 90% of buyers find your home online. A private individual cannot access the top positions on real estate portals, which are reserved for paying professionals. That's why we take great care with the ads we place on the Internet, the first impression is essential. But there is more!

Our philosophy is based on collaboration. We are a founding member of Apialia Costa Brava, the API trade group that allows its members to share sales orders, for better efficiency. When you entrust us with the sale of your house, all the members of the group will automatically be able to sell it. There are more than 20 agencies at your service with a single interlocutor. But also, as we don't want to miss any opportunity to find the ideal buyer for your home, we will spread the word about your property to all the agencies in the area, so that they can collaborate with us. If someone in the area is looking for a house like yours, we will find it.

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