The importance of evaluating the energy certification of your home

The importance of evaluating the energy certification of your home

Is your home A, B, C or D? You still don't know what it means? We are talking about the energy certification of your home, the one that indicates the possibilities that your home offers in terms of energy savings, which will result in economic savings on your electricity and gas bills. This aspect is becoming increasingly important and has become a claim when it comes to buying homes. Here we tell you how to get your receipts reduced and why it is important to get the energy certificate to be A or B.


Saving fees

If we want energy savings to materialize in our invoices, we will have to deliberately choose rates that adapt to our consumption. With which we pay just for consumers. For example, some users have a high expense and are not focused on hours. Therefore, they choose a flat rate of Naturgy in which a high price is paid but that covers all consumption, not all marketers offer this option, in the Iberdrola catalog it is not. If a consumer wants to hire Iberdrola's flat electricity tariff, they must opt ​​for the payment of a fixed fee, which is not a tariff, but a form of payment that can be adopted with the different types of Iberdrola rates.

To find the rate that helps you save the most in your home, you can use a light comparator to show you the best prices. Then you can search for the marketers and read the conditions of the contract, on the internet you will also find opinions from EDP, Endesa, Iberdrola ... Keep in mind that each home is a world, so getting carried away by negative opinions can be harmful. In addition, it is common to find more scam ratings or bad experiences of all marketers, from EDP to Repsol, than positive ratings.


Energy certification of the house

Here are some aspects that will mark the energy certification your home has:

- Insulation: thermal insulation in walls, floors, ceilings and windows will be important when saving on air conditioning. If our home manages to eliminate temperature leaks, you can maintain the comfort temperature without spending extra energy.
- Self-consumption: the possibility of generating your own energy adds up many points when receiving the energy certificate. Keep in mind that the source of origin is clean and renewable, so there can be no better energy savings.
- LED lights: do you want your house to be an example of energy efficiency? Change your traditional bulbs for LEDs, they need 80% less energy to operate, their lifespan is longer and they are environmentally friendly.
- Efficient appliances: in the same line of saving, having appliances of these characteristics will reduce energy consumption significantly without giving up anything.
- Air conditioning: leave the thermostat stable (21º in winter), if you have a good thermal insulation in your home you will not need to abuse the air conditioning systems.
- Sustainable architecture: without a doubt, it will not be the same as your home being 30 years old when energy efficiency criteria were not followed or if it is of recent work. Therefore, an architecture based on sustainability will pay attention to the orientation and ventilation that the environment offers.

It seems that energy efficiency is now among the qualities that a house has to meet, however, according to some studies of experts in the sector, users are not willing to pay for it anymore and there is a great lack of knowledge on the subject. 

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